4 Places That Serve Up Delicious Food In Grand Prairie TX

Grand Prairie sure does have some excellent dining establishments. I’ve covered 8 of them with you so far, but we’ve yet to hit a place to get a good hot dog and that serves up delicious Italian cuisine. There are plenty more restaurants to explore. Let’s take a look at 4 more of the best restaurants that Grand Prairie TX has to offer you and your family.

D-Town Coney Island is a wonderful place to stop with the family when you’re looking for a delicious hot dog. Located at 2100 North Texas 360, D-Town Coney Island might make you think it’s referring to Dallas. It is actually referring to Detroit. This is your place to get a Detroit style hot dog. Motown flavor is coming your way, and people say that the food is great there. Order up a Flint Dog and fries or anything else you like.

Spazzio’s Italian Cantina is your place for Italian cuisine. I did cover a pizza restaurant, but this place has it all. Located at 2500 NE Green Oaks Boulevard, Spazzio’s is known for its salmon special, meatballs, cannolis and more. The restaurant also features a wonderful wine selection. Its tucked away location makes this place kind of like a hidden gem. Enjoy that dinner with your family.

Damian’s Cajun Soul Cafe is a unique place to stop by for a meal. Its location is 185 South Watson Road, and smothered pork chops are one of the menu favorites. Damian’s features soul food at its finest, and the smothered pork chops make me think of my grandfather. He likes everything swimming in gravy, especially his pork chops. The menu items at this place have a cajun twist, as the name of the restaurant suggests.

Flying Fish is the 4th featured restaurant for this article. It is located at 300 East Abram Street. You know that this is the place to get delicious seafood with your family. Flying Fish features a fun and casual setting according to reviews, and that makes a great dining environment for families. Is it time for some seafood?

When in Grand Prairie, you’re going to be eating well, as you can tell. Pick out one of these places to stop by with your family. Are those smothered pork chops calling your name? Maybe it’s time for a Detroit style hot dog? All of it sounds like a plan if you ask me.